Choosing The Right Auto Body Shop After Accident

Accident is what no one likes. In addition to causing damage in your car and your body, the consequences can be a nuisance because of hassle at your insurance and find the right Calgary auto body repair shop to repair your vehicle properly. For the best work at the best price, what you should pay attention to when chooses an auto body repair shop?
In addition to response time, affordability and quality of work, and you should find out the following from the shop you want to consider: how long they have been in business, what kind of vehicles they specializes in repairing, what kind of guarantee they offer, and If they offer additional services, such as cars rental or loners.

If possible, check with your colleagues, friends and family for a recommendation for a garage that has done a good job for them. Some shops, especially small family auto shop even dont have an internet presence, as they have built a successful business in individual recommendations. Check Google for review. If you discover one that have high numbers of good reviews and comments, dont hesitate you have found yourself a good shop.

Whether the payment for the repair is coming from you or from your insurance, you want to make sure you pay a fair price for the services the services you will receive. You probably may not know what a reasonable price is, so always get several deals before making a decision. With an estimate of three or four different shops in your hand you can find a great difference in price. How can you tell whether the lowest price the shop offer will deliver the quality of work? How do you know whether the shop with highest price worth it?

A shop that give lower estimate may use after market or salvage parts and lesser coats of paints and clear coat on your vehicle than a shop of higher price. On the other hand, the parts used are OEM replacement and shop may have lower operating costs so they dont over price the customers. Therefore, it is important to compare each section of the estimates to discover how much is allocated for parts, labor and other costs.

Be careful of some shop that offer too good to be true cheap price. For example, an auto body repairs shop that have no theft or fire insurance which is definitely what work in your favor in the form of lower prices? If theft or fire occurs while your vehicle is in the shop, the liability falls squarely on you.

Labor Cost
The largest item on an estimate of the repair of accident damage is the labor costs. This figure reflects not only the amount of shop owner pays his employees, but also the amount of overhead he pays. If the store is in an expensive area or it has a big administrative office for support, the cost per hour may be higher than others
If you have no recommendations to get started, take into consideration factors such as the how long has the store was in operation, how the store looks and if the shop has the latest auto body technology, are they always busy and your intuition. Check with the local Better Business Bureau and look for online reviews and comments to guide your decision. The quality is not cheap, and in selecting the right shop you definitely want to make sure you are paying the right price with quality workmanship.