Selecting The Right Tires For Your Motorhome

Many motorhome tire manufacturers have become better at building products that provide durability, efficiency, and comfort. Tires for these homes on wheels bear far more responsibility for safety and efficacy compared to car tires. According to professionals in the tire industry, auto tires have a pressure rating that is solid, while
truck tires have a minimum pressure rating that is built to carry loads. This information can be the deciding factor of whether an injury happens or not and is essential to know.

On motorhome tires or radial truck tires, the standard rating number has no meaning. According to professionals, load range and inflation pressure should be the determining factors. Truck tires are inflated to carry the standard load, and
this can vary depending what the truck is hauling, at different times.

The weight seems to be on the perfect front and can reach 3000 lbs. of pressure. In the case of some motorhomes, the amount is continually changing because of the independent front and rear suspension. According to studies, pressure will be reduced by a 10-degree drop in air temperature. The difference between winter and
summer can be as much as eight psi.

For truck tires, a ten psi drop in tire pressure will increase tire rolling resistance by two percent. Maintaining proper tire inflation is the primary tire maintenance function. Pressure control that is good is directly related to the cost of gas per mile. By liability and legal concerns, proper inflation would save 25,000 lives. Tires older than
ten years should always be replaced. According to Motorhome Magazine, the lower the casing, the higher the need to be replaced. Any tires in service of 10 years or more from the date of manufacture should replaced with new ones due to increased safety concerns.

Motorhome owners should be conscious of the condition of their tires. Noisy air loss and vibrations are all indicators that new ones may be needed. Be sure that before heading out on the road with your motorhome on a trip you at least have the tires checked within days of leaving. According to Motorhome magazine strain of your
tires can be determined by matching the pressure to the load on every corner of your vehicle. First, each wheel has to be weighed, and then refer to the manufacturer’s website or literature regarding inflation.

Load and inflation tables are provided by each manufacturer for their products. If you need assistance check with your dealer. Your family’s safety is dependent upon it. Dont take your RVs tires for granted and say, Ill check it next trip. It is not worth the risk to you and your family. In addition to regularly servicing your recreational
vehicles tires, check the warranty you have on them as well. If they are not where they need to be and you are within your warranty window, then use it to your advantage and have your tires replaced id need be. Too many people let their warranty expire before doing anything about their tires, dont let that be you.